Children parties
Children regard parties as the most exciting challenges and celebration for some of the most exciting moments in their life. Give us a chance and we will satisfy all the wishes of your children. Our team will give all its time and attention to the children creating a challenge for them at the same time takes care off them throughout the party.

We offer child comfort combined with games and excitement and at the same time the celebration is interesting but safe at the same time.

If you are looking for some party ideas and help you with the organisation, kids menu and kids drinks, party location as well as organising your kids to feel part of a storybook characters contact us.

Some points to think about which we would need to discuss with you:

Reason for your child's event and guest invitation

Date which you wish to have the event

Number of guests. It is important to let us know whether the guests will be kids only or there will be parents too. Also age group of the kids being invited.

Budget for the party. It is important to give us an approximate budget per head guest to include food and drinks.

We need to discuss what type of serving you would like at the event

Location of the event. Weather it will be at your home, your garden outside, or you would like interesting suggestion from our side.

Invitations, if you wish we can organise the invitations for your guests and to reach them accordingly.

Decorations are important in a kids events. We can organise special decorations for the little guests

Party equipment - kids events might require entertainment equipment such as jumping castle kids shows and etc.
We can accommodate any special requirements that you or your child might have for the party

We have years long experience in children's events and know how special the kids are and how much attention must be paid to them. We promise you his party under our organisation will be remembered long time.